Heavy Haul Rail Africa
06.11.2012 - 07.11.2012 
The Westin - Cape Town


The emerging vibrancy of Africa’s mineral and resources sector has sparked a renewed interest from the international mining community in opportunities to develop and export Africa’s ultra-rich mineral endowment. Multi-billion dollar mining developments are in the pipeline for Southern and West African countries.


But, to capitalise on this incredible opportunity, it is vital that commodities are moved from pit-to-port as quickly and efficiently as possible and current railway infrastructure deficiencies are rectified.


Heavy Haul Rail Africa 2012 will be a two-day event which will bring together resource sector representative, engineering and construction firms, rail operators and suppliers, government  officials and financers to examine the mining projects in the pipeline, plans to build necessary rail lines to support this and the subsequent opportunities for the rail sector.

For more details visit: www.railconferences.com/heavyhaulrail/africa


The Westin