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It's a cabernet sauvignon, but not as you know it.

Casiodorus 2009

This remarkable wine is made using the amarone method which means once the grapes are picked, they are placed on straw for a few weeks to partially dry them out, which increases the intensity of the flavours within.

The result is not overly overpowering when it comes to the taste but there is some extraordinary depth to the wine.

The classic Margaret River cabernet sauvignon can be found in here – aged oak, black olives and a little tobacco – but there also some fortified nuances coming through too which add some opulence and a little caramel sweetness.  

The label describes the wine as “an iron fist in a velvet glove” which could not be more apt. After a couple of glasses you start to notice the effects so it’s best to have it with food unless you fancy an early night.

The man behind Casiodorus, Mark Beeson, highly recommends eating this with a fine parmesan cheese and he is spot on, this lifts the wine an even greater level. 

At $52 it does not come cheap but considering the work which has gone into it, and the excellent result, it is well worth treating yourself.

For help in tracking down a bottle, try the distributor Terra Wines or healthy stocks are kept at Old Bridge Cellars in North Fremantle, WA (tel 08 9335 2702).

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