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The Vegemite jar will take on a new look this month.

In the lead up to Australia Day this year, don't be surprised if your Vegemite jar looks a little different.

New look VegemiteFrom 5 January, Vegemite is launching a limited edition collectable jar featuring a map of Australia in the place of its trademark red diamond-shaped logo and replacing its name with 'Australia' to celebrate Australia day on 26 January.

"Changing Vegemite's name to Australia for a limited time in the lead up to Australia Day is our way oof showing some contemporary Australian pride," says Jenny Nolch, Vegemite marketing director.

"It's about having a bit of fun and celebrating the irreverence of the Australian culture."

As part of Vegemite's name change for Australia Day, Vegemite will also be featuring 10 'Toast of a Nation' finalists on its jars.

For the first time in VEGEMITE’S 89 year history, everyday Australians with remarkable stories to tell will have their faces and bios featured on the limited edition jars.

The chosen 10 are fun loving Aussies from across the country. They are:

  • Agnes Mudford – Victoria
  • Australian Sudoku Team – Western Australia
  • Australian Women’s Whaleboat Racing Champions - Victoria
  • Ben Weekes – New South Wales
  • Caitlin Miers – Victoria
  • Jacob French – Western Australia
  • Margaret Hamilton – New South Wales
  • Peter Schiff – Victoria
  • Tex O’Grady – New South Wales
  • Under 19 Women’s Lacrosse Team – South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia


The selected 10 were drawn from 25 finalist of the 2011 Vegemite 'Toast of a Nation' campaign which celebrated the extraordinary achievements of ordinary Australians.

“Australia Day is about celebrating what’s great about our country and being Australian. What better way to do this than by recognising the efforts of this remarkable group of Australians who have made a positive contribution to our society and local communities," says Ms Nolch.

People’s Choice winner and Head Coach of the U19 Women’s Lacrosse Team, Trish Adams, said: “It’s an incredible feeling to be featured on the special Vegemite jar. The entire team feel proud to represent Australia in the sport of lacrosse and it’s a real honour to be acknowledged for our hard work and achievements.”

Mick Collis, one fourth of the Australian Sudoku Team said: "If someone had've told me I'd be on the label of a Vegemite jar, I would've said I had more chance of playing sudoku for Australia. What a great privilege. To think we'll be in the cupboards of millions of Australian homes. It's unbelieavable."

The limited edition “AUSTRALIA” jar will be available in stores nationally from today in 400 gm for RRP $6.29– the same price as original Vegemite.

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