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Monday, 12 November 2012 14:39

Queensland coal miners said activists dressed as sharks, octopuses, fish, turtles and coral polyps don't care about regional communities because they're being funded by a US organisation.


About 50 Greenpeace activists dressed as creatures from the Great Barrier Reef protested outside a coal mining conference in Brisbane.

They say the Galilee Basin Coal Conference showcased plans for at least nine new coal mines in central Queensland.

"It's clear that official institutions, governments have failed to protect the Great Barrier Reef from the coal industry," Greenpeace said in a statement.

"It's time for people who love the reef to come together and demand that it is protected."

The Queensland Resources Council (QRC) says Greenpeace is trying to drive a wedge into regional communities.

Speaking at the conference, QRC chief Michael Roche told miners Greenpeace's anti-coal campaign was funded by US philanthropic organisation the Rockefeller Foundation so it wasn't interested in local development.

"Regional communities understand their long-term prosperity relies on the economic diversity that the minerals and energy sector is delivering," Mr Roche said.

"Greenpeace have no interest in the future of these communities, particularly when you learn that seed funding for their latest anti-coal campaign came from the United States."

Greenpeace was not available for comment.


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