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Saturday, 29 December 2012 09:13

Americas Petrogas has announced that the Agua de Afuera unconventional shale exploration well has reached total depth (TD).

The well drilled through 340m (1115 feet) of the primary target Vaca Muerta shale formation with oil and gas shows through most of this shale section. Hydrocarbon shows were also encountered in secondary targets such as the Agrio, Quintuco and Tordillo.

The ADA.x-1 well was drilled to a TD of 3448.5m (11,311 feet). A complete suite of logs has been run and conventional and side wall cores were cut and recovered.

Casing has been successfully set and cemented to a total depth of around 3442m (11,290 feet) in preparation for a planned well test.

The company will begin detailed analysis of the cores and cuttings at international service company laboratories in Argentina and in the US, in the near future.

The ADA.x-1 well is located around 9km west of the LTE.x-1 unconventional, shale well, which was a new oil discovery on the Los Toldos II block (155sq km). It is the third unconventional, shale well with primary target the Vaca Muerta, relating to the Los Toldos farmout agreement with ExxonMobil.

Americas Petrogas is the operator holding a 45 per cent working interest in the Los Toldos blocks; ExxonMobil also holds a 45 per cent working interest, with the remaining 10 per cent held by Gas Y Petroleo del Neuquen.

"As this is the second well in the Los Toldos II block, this new well will help to determine the extent and potential resources of the Vaca Muerta, and will also provide valuable information on several other potential horizons of interest," Americas Petroggs president and CEO Barclay Hambrook said.


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