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Tuesday, 01 January 2013 18:05

Gina Rinehart, Marius Kloppers, coal royalties, South African mine strikes, and shale gas made news in September and October.


- Fortescue Metals Group announces job cuts and defers some development plans as it looks to cut costs.

- Gina Rinehart’s (pictured) comments about Australia needing to become more competitive, as workers in Africa are willing to take jobs for less than $2 per day, spark a massive debate.

- Santos Asia Pacific vice president Martyn Eames says despite having masses of LNG reserves, Australia should also prepare to embrace shale gas to supply energy hungry Asian markets.

- BHP Billiton boss Marius Kloppers is revealed as the nation’s highest paid chief executive, after earning $11.8 million in 2011, way ahead of the average pay for chief executives in the top 100 ASX companies – a bountiful $4.725 million.


- The Queensland Government’s controversial coal royalties hike begins, increasing from 10 per cent to 12.5 per cent for every tonne sold between $100-$150.

- As miners continue to strike in South Africa Anglo American Platinum, the world’s top platinum miner, orders 26,000 strikers to report for disciplinary hearings or risk the sack and AngloGold Ashanti warns strikers it may be forced to scale down its operations.

- Workers later reach a deal with Anglo American Platinum to reinstate 12,000 miners sacked for the strike, which could end months of often violent wildcat strikes which hit production in the platinum and gold sectors.

- A memorial service is held in Queenstown, Tasmania to remember the victims of the Mt Lyell mining disaster that left 42 dead in 1912.

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