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Friday, 25 January 2013 13:33

A major push to attract local workers for resources projects has sent jobseekers flocking to Chevron’s ‘wheatstonejobs’ website, helping the project partners to sign their 1,000th local worker.

Wheatstone head contractor, Bechtel set up the wheatstonejobs.com site last year, and since then ‘wheatstone jobs’ has become Australia’s fastest-rising search term typed into Google by jobseekers.

“The really good news is that the project needs thousands more workers,” Commerce Minister Simon O’Brien said.

They are currently looking for concreters, form workers, carpenters, riggers, plant operators, electricians, plumbers and fitters.

This news comes on the back of Macmahon Holdings recently winning a $1.8billion contract to provide services for FMG.

“This translates to 600 jobs, with more workers being actively sought,” Mr O’Brien said.

“Since the State Government put in place its Local Industry Participation Framework in July 2011, more than $32billion in contracts has been awarded to local companies from resource projects.

“This is all part of what the Government has done to maximise the resource project returns to West Australians and WA businesses.

“The result is we have the lowest unemployment rate of any State, which in turn has played an important part in driving the nation’s strongest retail sector.

“The Government has and will continue to create, a positive economic climate for small business to thrive in this State.

“We will continue to ensure WA workers benefit from our major resource projects.”

Since inception, the Wheatstone Project has bolstered the Australian economy through jobs and the commitment of more than $8billion in services and supply contracts to Australian businesses.

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