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Wednesday, 06 February 2013 12:47

Detailed workforce analysis to support the next stage of the development of Queensland's CSG-LNG industry will soon get underway after the signing of a new research agreement.

Skills Queensland Chairman Greg Kempton said a partnership between Skills Queensland, Energy Skills Queensland and major CSG-LNG proponents, Origin/ConocoPhillips, Arrow Energy, QGC and Santos, will review and update previous workforce research of the industry in Queensland.

Mr Kempton said the CSG-LNG industry has developed substantially since the last comprehensive workforce planning research was commissioned in 2009 when still in its infancy.

"The CSG-LNG industry in Queensland has matured over the last four years and there have been technological and workforce changes which make it necessary to review the numbers and make sure we have the correct workforce development strategies in place," Mr Kempton said.

"The major proponents and their suppliers now have a better understanding of what their workforce requirements will be going forward and this research work will allow us to pinpoint and address critical skills in short supply.

"Energy Skills Queensland will lead the project, with the work to build on their previous workforce analysis of the CSG-LNG industry in Queensland.

"The ultimate aim is to use the research to help create a workforce development action plan which the industry and government can use to meet the skills needs of the CSG-LNG industry over the next 20 years."

The research is being jointly funded by Skills Queensland, through the Skills Queensland Workforce Development Fund, and by the major CSG-LNG proponents.

Energy Skills Queensland CEO Glenn Porter welcomed the opportunity to lead this important piece of research into the Queensland CSG-LNG industry.

"Our industry leading workforce planning research has been instrumental in building workforce development strategies to increase the supply of skills in identified shortage occupations across the CSG-LNG industry," Mr Porter said.

"This project recognises the important role that industry skills bodies provide in building Queensland's workforce for the future."


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