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Sincerest form of flattery?

When Clive Palmer and Bob Katter began talks of joining forces to make some political noise last year, the chance of a clash between the two outspoken Queenslanders was always going to be high.


As it turned out things did get heated and plans were scrapped but it appears Clive is still very keen on Bob, even going as far as attempting to trademark his name.

On 30 December, the mining mogul applied for trademarks on a number of names for creating his own potential political parties, including Katter's United Australia Party – not a million miles away from the Katter's Australian Party which Bob leads.

It appears that nobody told Bob or his party about the move.

Katter’s Australian Party national director Aidan McLindon has objected to the trademark being granted.

“If something with Katter's name is registered separate to our organisation, naturally we have to protect the brand and everything we stand for,” he told reporters.

“If they cut and paste Katter's good name, naturally we'd put an objection in.”

Mr McLindon did not seem to hold any hard feelings about Clive borrowing Bob’s name and the application had been made before discussions over an alliance were abandoned in January.

“He's a savvy businessman and made sure he'd covered all bases, between United Australia Party and Katter's Australian Party,” Mr Lincoln said.

“He was making sure he was covered for any potential synergy that the two organisations had.”



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