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One Key program to help improve production.

Mining recruitment and training firm One Key Resources has launched Australia’s first animated training program aimed at improving production among machine operators within the open cut mining industry.

The company has released the first of a series of one-hour videos which immerse participants in the mining environment and provide detailed information and familiarisation with equipment and procedures.

BHP Billiton will be the first to run the training program in its iron ore mines in Western Australia.

“This is a first in the Australian mining industry to commercially release an animated video on production mining techniques, and an innovative training solution for excavator and dump truck operators,” One Key Resources managing director Grant Wechsel said.

“Using high quality animation, the video trains operators on the sequence of mining operator techniques including exactly where the excavator should dig to where the truck needs to be parked to take its load.

“There’s a lot of talk about Australia being one of the most unproductive and inefficient mining countries in the world. This is aimed at increasing operating mines’ efficiency, standardising processes, moving more material and ultimately making more money for our clients.”

The video was developed by One Key Resources, with company director and mining productivity expert Andy Holder working in partnership with an animation studio to produce the content. It is hosted online and can be accessed on any mine site.

Mr Wechsel said such training was usually done in the cab of machinery on site or in simulators.

“In both cases, only so many people can be trained at one time,” he said.

“This video can be used anywhere and with any amount of people. It also reduces training costs by providing an ongoing standardisation to the programs our trainers have put in place on mine sites.”

Mr Wechsel said in addition to cost cutting, mining companies were now also looking to tackle inefficiencies as commodity prices soften and demand falls.
“Many mines have put up with inefficient practices because they were making money during the boom times, however now mines want to do a full review of work practices to ensure optimal efficiency,” he said.

“The mining industry is increasingly realising each piece of machinery has to perform at its peak in the face of softening demand and lower returns.

This has seen a boom in our traditional on-site proficiency training programs but also led to the development and release of this animated training program.”

Mr Wechsel said Bowen Basin coal mines had also shown interest in the training video, which features a test at the end for operators.

“It can be used at any open cut mine as a majority of the techniques covered are standard in the industry,” he said.

“We are hoping this will be the first in a series of videos which we will make covering different mining machinery.”

Pic: BHP Billiton will be the first to run the program in its iron ore mines in Western Australia, and Bowen Basin coal mines has also shown interest in the training video.


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