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SEE Forge's new mobile technology platform.

Mobile solutions provider SEE Forge has launched an innovative new mobile technology platform enabling workers in the field to capture issues such as safety, maintenance, environment, operations, quality and any other paper-based processes using a smart phone.

Current paper-based systems have to be double-entered and are therefore time consuming, tedious, prone to errors, and hard to track.

Reports are often unclear, outdated and unreliable causing complications for site supervisors and managers. These problems create significant downtime and wasted resources.

Perth based entrepreneurs James McDonough and Chris Bjorklund have created a software system and mobile application to solve this problem.

SEE Forge’s mobile platform is customised to each company’s current processes, replacing all paper based forms, saving companies time and money in productivity.

In remote mining locations when hazards are identified it often takes hours before they can be attended to.

Using SEE Forge’s technology, issues are captured and sent in real-time to the company’s backend system, where they are easily reviewed, tracked and resolved.

SEE Forges efficient and simple reporting process allows organisations to manage more issues at a time, and this significantly improves site safety.

Data is also analysed to discover trends and problem areas, potentially saving the company millions of dollars in the future.

“Through in-depth market research we found that medium to large organisations are desperate for a simple and efficient way to report and manage issues in their workplace,” managing partner James McDonough said.

“SEE Forge provides a mobile solution that improves productivity, lowers operational costs and improves site safety.

“We have had managing directors jumping up and down with excitement, about our technology.”

Other features include a GPS system that pinpoints the exact location of the issue.

The ability to upload images and video, providing a new dimension of detail to reports. And notifications to different levels of staff within the company.

“Being in the development and construction business we are always looking for new ways to improve not only costs and productivity but also keep our team safe onsite,” Tallwood Constructions construction manager Christopher Navarro said.

“We use the SEE Forge application to log our safety issues and it is my pleasure to recommend them.

“We see SEE Forge as part of the future of our business, not only in safety but other operational processes such as quality reviews.”

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