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Zen launches world's first energy storage system

Zen Energy Systems has launched a world first energy storage system that would enable customers to store and access power 24 hours a day.

The company’s Freedom Powerbank was first announced in April and was expected to be available on the market by January after final testing was completed with SA Power Networks.

The Freedom Powerbank units use a computer controlled battery storage system to capture energy produced from wind, solar or the grid during low demand periods, allowing it to be re-used later.

“This technology is a game changer for the renewable energy industry and has the potential to change the way individuals and communities use electricity in the future,” Zen CEO Richard Turner said.

Developed in partnership with US based Greensmith Energy Management Systems, Zen planned to release four models suitable for residential, business, utility and remote community use.

The company hoped its utility-sized units would offer a solution to power companies trying to meet spikes in electricity demand.

“By utilising a battery storage solution, Zen is providing utilities with an option to defer expensive infrastructure upgrades and improve reliability of supply,” Mr Turner said.

Zen said it expects the units to increase its turnover by $8 million within three years and double its workforce.

Clean Energy Council deputy CEO Kane Thornton said increasing use of energy storage could help to meet peak electricity demand, one of the main causes of power price rises.

“The Freedom Powerbank will give customers more choice when it comes to dealing with rising power prices,” he said.

South Australia Premier Jay Weatherill said companies such as Zen were helping to position the state at the forefront of advanced manufacturing and renewable energy technology.



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