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Collaboration is key for oil and gas industry



Technology advances in the oil and gas industry have given rise to globally distributed teams with the capability to share information and data efficiently and effectively, according to a leading software solutions executive.

Bentley Systems solutions executive John Sanins said information mobility would reshape the way users consume project data in the future.

“The introduction of hand-held devices, such as tablets coupled with cloud based data storage and access is now driving exciting new developments,” he said.

“These new software tools will allow global teams to more easily access and securely use project information without the constraints imposed using more traditional IT systems.”

The oil and gas industry has seen considerable advances in technology over the last 10-15 years, with one of these key software technology areas being in asset lifecycle management.

“This brings together all forms of data produced by the many suppliers, vendors and engineering contractors into a single, unified environment,” Mr Sanins said.

While Bentley Systems has provided collaborative engineering information management systems for many years with its ProjectWise system, it has recently been extended with the introduction of AssetWise for use in operations.

ProjectWise is the only project collaboration and architecture, engineering, construction and operations (AECO) information management software developed explicitly for the design and construction of infrastructure projects.

“When Bentley Systems introduced its project collaborative engineering information management system, this opened up the opportunity for geographically dispersed engineering teams to work collaboratively as if they were working in the same bulding,” Mr Sanins said.

“The nature of projects today means that design and engineering may be undertaken by a broad number of teams across continents. ProjectWise integrates and unifies these teams to support global working.”

Mr Sanins also believed the introduction of new engineering systems similar to those developed by Bentley Systems coupled with new hardware, such as the new wave of mobile devices, would have a significant and positive effect in attracting talented skills into the engineering profession.

“This trend will only continue as new engineering, design and analysis tools are introduced and used on future capital projects across all sectors of engineering,” he said.

“From an IT and software perspective, the industrial revolution continues.”
Mr Sanins said that along with lifecycle asset management intelligent 2D and 3D plant modelling systems, 3D visualisation and laser scanning were other software technologies that had also made positive impacts in the oil and gas industry.

Bentley is a global leader in providing comprehensive architecture and engineering software solutions for sustaining infrastructure.


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