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New materials available to reduce surface wear.

A reduction in costly maintenance and downtime – these are things every business in the minerals processing and materials handling industry wants to achieve.

FLSmidth Ludowici product specialist wear surfaces Peter Carseldine has seen FLSmidth Ludowici’s wear products achieve both of these things and a whole lot more during his 20-plus years with this specialist manufacturing business.

“Customers who transport products including iron ore, bauxite, coal, agricultural grains, crushed glass and cement all face the same issue,” he said. “If that product slides over a surface or is dropped onto a surface it will eventually wear that surface and present a problem.

“We have a range of materials available to apply to those surfaces to reduce wear.”

FLSmidth Ludowici has a long history of success in this area; its wear resist product range has been market leaders for more than two decades. However, it is also committed to an ongoing program of continued improvement.

“Wear linings have not changed all that much in the last decade as far as new material development,” Mr Carseldine said.

“However, the wear material has become more readily available making it more affordable. We have also been actively seeking new applications for Wear-Resist, with great success.”

FLSmidth Ludowici’s R&D team continually works to improve the company’s wear product range. Right now they are actively researching and making improvements to pipe linings with alumina cylinders, reaction bonded silicon carbide and basalt.

Two recent applications have seen wear resistant coatings used in lining co-disposal tailing pipe and backfill lines. These are in addition to the application of Wear-Resist lined piping in coal handling preparation plants.

In the co-disposal application, the 12mm lining of Wear-Resist was still operating after 600,000 tons (544,000 tonnes) whereas the 12mm well pipe wore at a rate of 0.5mm per week.

FLSmidth Ludowici also has trowel-on wear products that have proven their success in many different settings, reducing wear where both light and moderate impact.

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