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New techniques are the key

Western Australia is currently undergoing an unprecedented boom in the resource and energy sectors with over $250 billion in projects currently underway.


Massive booms such as these are having a huge positive impact on our economy, but with them come headaches for operators and government alike.


Such problems include the vast cost of these projects, rising inflationary pressures, labour requirements, the need for more infrastructure and services and increasing fiscal and tax pressures associated with seeing these projects through to completion.


At a time when major project schedules are significantly overrunning, budgets are being busted, productivity is a concern, costs are rising and everyone is competing for the same skilled labour pool, the smart companies are finding alternative innovative solutions to the above problems.


New techniques are required to change the cost and time blowout paradigm associated with these massive Australian projects. This is leading to a dramatic rise in the need for specialist energy industry services in both WA and Australia as a whole.

Scottish owned Global Energy Group (GEG) provides specialist services to all energy sectors. In response to today’s demand for new and innovative techniques to affect bottom line results on massive projects, we are now well placed to provide a wider range of quality specialist services to some of the largest operators, EPCM (engineering, procurement, and construction management), offshore drilling, construction, maritime, production and repair and maintenance contractors.

The rapid growth in this sector means businesses need to be more savvy and think outside the box about specialised products and services. In addition to achieving project completion on time and under budget, improving safety and quality is also paramount in the success of the service. Conventional techniques are simply not going to meet the demand on all fronts.

The specialist service could be:

• rope access/bespoke suspension solutions that replace conventional scaffolding systems saving over 40 per cent in costs and time, whilst also improving safety;
• a quality division that provides third party inspectors to assist the operator in ensuring the correct goods are delivered to site supported by the latest online reporting systems to ensure the client is kept informed throughout the project;
• environmental control habitat solutions to ensure work continuity and improve productivity in the harshest of environments;

These services, and more deliver significant results over conventional techniques.

So the big mindset shift required within Australia is to flip over the use of conventional thinking and techniques. The old methods need to become backups to the new technologies, rather than the other way around. The continual growth and success of our country’s resources and energy sectors depends upon it.



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